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  1. Shannon Bentley from DailyPlanet liked the Muvo MP3. NetChick says to go with Sony (I think thats right) Let me know what you come up with… because, I want one for when I go Snowboarding solo…

  2. Well, basically every mp3 player is available at Futureshop, so you’re in luck. I’d put off purchasing one for a while, though – the Supreme Court has just ruled against the additional levies that are put on all computer media (CD-R’s, harddrives, mp3 players, etc), so I expect the prices to drop fairly soon.

    As for getting cash for Christmas, I’d love if everyone gave me cash (and that’s just what my parents are getting me). I don’t see the point of doing up a detailed list for people – then I’ll basically know what I’m getting anyway. Trusting my parents to pick up the right model of electronic device is always risky, and I don’t live in the same town as them so there’s always the burden of transport. Yay cash!

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