One thought on “Wing-person”

  1. I’m happy to be your annoying friend if it helps you get cute boys. 🙂

    In other news, the hunting in pairs thing seems counterproductive. If I see someone with a member of the opposite sex I tend to assume they’re both taken and straight, which doesn’t do it for me. (Straight guys are acceptable, but that’s only because since I don’t have a real penis, gay guys won’t go for me… )

    Strangely, seeing a girl with a bunch of other girls doesn’t make me automatically assume she’s taken. Hmm. Well, straight *is* the default. I have absolutely no gaydar whatsoever. It’s pathetic. Like, my roommate? Never would have pegged her as gay. She’s too cute & british to be gay. 🙂

    That said, I picked Neil up at a club while he was there with a female friend. They weren’t giving off any dating vibes, and she was mostly naked, so you’d think there would be some vibes. Or at least some nipple tweaking. Generally, however, I am oblivious to said vibes, so seeing someone with someone else makes me look for someone else.

    On the other hand, I also rarely go after strangers. I prefer to be friends (or at least aquantainces) with someone before going further. I don’t do the “hunting” thing. My general experience is that you find people when you’re *not* looking. People who are looking tend to look more desperate than not, and that’s not a turnon.

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