Early Bird

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  1. I think you should go for something that’s very warm, somewhere in between “honey” and “strawberry blonde.” Just be really careful with red because it requires a change in the shades of makeup that you use, otherwise it can really wash you out. I would also stay away from the Meg Ryan blonde because it takes too much maintenance.

    I’m not actually a fan of the obvious highlights or lowlights. I think something that has a natural range of shades looks best, and warmest. You’ve got a great, warm smile and I think your hair should have warm tones too.

  2. Well, lets review the options.

    1) No style changes, so basically what we have now is it.

    2) Colour, we have yellow, orange and red left of the available colour spectrum.

    3) Not darker than what’s current.

    I’ve always wanted to call someone TangerineHead.

    Do you see where I am going with this? 🙂

    *runs and ducks*

  3. I am a huge fan of lowlights, vs. highlights. This isn’t just because I look better with darker hair. (Don’t ask why I just got blonde highlights put in, I never claimed to be consistent.) But *everybody* does highlights (me included!), so lowlights just look neat.

  4. I am profoundly unqualified to offer suggestions. My only comment would be this–I’m not a fan of bangs, generally. Particularly those that are cut straight-across in a Audrey Tatou in ‘Amelie’ (or, even worse, Vivienne Benesch in ‘American Splendor’). I’m generally a fan of the streaks, and those seem to be par for the fashion course this days.

    That’s very little help, I realize, but as I mentioned, I’m unqualified.

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