2 thoughts on “Pity”

  1. you guys are so deep.. too DEEP For ante meridiem!@#! but yes imo the mere fact that we are encouraged to learn so much not only about our own culture (1) but the ways and working of other cultures makes me uniquely proud to be canadian and ‘that’ is what makes us special in our own little mixing melting pot kind of way.
    (1) *cough cough* unlike our counter parts to the south *cough cough*

  2. An important part of our Canadian identity is the immigrant experience. Ms. Shields is obviously an exception to this rule, but many of our best artists are first-generation Canadian. I’m thinking here of people like Michael Ondaatje, Atom Egoyan, and Rohinton Mistry. I suspect this is because they have a rich heritage to draw on, and a ‘new world’ to contrast it with.

    As a young writer and a, what, fifth-generation Canadian, I was always envious of the colourful background these new Canadians had to draw on. I really came to admire Douglas Coupland because he found the same sort of meaning in what I thought were the mundanities of my suburban upbringing. DB.

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