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  1. There’s a superb catalog of books and videos on guns, concealed carry, and on pistol and rifle marksmanship, at http://www.survivalistskills.com/sect17.htm

    There is also a substantial archive of fascinating and invaluable ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’ articles on the liberty-threatening New World Order at http://www.survivalistskills.com/sect22.htm and archived also at http://www.rarehistorybooks.com/NWOLINKS.HTM. The ‘NWOIU’ site itself is currently down for substantial re-construction, but these archived articles are well worth reading.

  2. Yep. You’re hot with a gun. Of course, I should point out that you’re also hot *without* a gun…

    As a gun owner and former soldier, I’d like to point out that as long as people take the time to learn what they need to know about handling firearms, they can be quite safe. Part of the problem is that many people don’t bother; they just go out and buy a gun to be cool, then shoot themselves in the head because they didn’t take the time to learn firearm safety. Still, that being said, I’m a big fan of evolution in action…

  3. It’s the least physically intense sport I’ve ever participated in – holding the gun was actually quite comfortable – they’re designed to be ergonomic you know 🙂

    No wonder no many fat and lazy men love hunting.

  4. Hmm. Do your hands hurt now? I always thought shooting would kind of hurt your wrists and hands.

    That said… holy Charlie’s Angels.

    I’ve always wondered if I’d be any good at target practice. My grandfather was an Olympic sharpshooter in the late 30s. Is it hereditary?

  5. I won’t nag you with my dislike of guns. However, I will repeat myself: Guns don’t kill people. Bullets moving really really fast do.

    Well, unless you’re getting pistol whipped…

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