Six Months

I can’t believe it’s been half a year already! Commiserating with friends who just had a baby a couple weeks ago, I realize how much of Isaac’s early days are a total blur. It’s probably for the best – he’s way more fun now. Which is a good thing, because despite not wanting to be … Continue reading Six Months

Twenty Eleven

2010 was quite a pivotal year for our little family. In fact, it splits quite neatly down the middle into BC and AD – Before Conception and After Deathwatch. The year started with our awesome trip to Thailand, a few frantic months when we thought we were going to move to England, trips to las … Continue reading Twenty Eleven

Checking In

I keep meaning to write, but I really have nothing exciting or interesting to say. But I got sick of seeing the Fiber Bar entry, so here is a boring, uninteresting update. Read on if you dare… Because I have no kids, and don’t know too many people who do, I was completely oblivious to … Continue reading Checking In

Daddy’s Girl

I hope you all took the time today to let the guy you call Dad know how much he’s appreciated. But here’s a tip, special from me to you: When you get him something called a Reciprocating Saw, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know what it does or why he wants one. Just don’t … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl

Happiness Is…

Grandparents on their 55th Anniversary Originally uploaded by peechie. No wonder I have such high expectations! I figure if I can’t find someone to grow old with, who I’m this happy with, whom I love this much after 55 years together, well I’d just rather live with cats. Happy Anniversary Oma & Opa! Continue reading Happiness Is…