I have had so many thoughts about this assinine “Meternity” idea-slash-book (go ahead, google it. I’ll wait.) that came out ages and ages ago. I finally have a few minutes (FINALLY) to commit those thoughts to pixels. Maternity (or parental) leave is not for mothers (or parents). It’s for babies. It is not an employment … Continue reading MeTernity

Awake / Asleep

It has not been the happiest New Year so far. Christmas was amazing, and it was so good to see family and celebrate. Unfortunately, after that, things started going downhill pretty rapidly. It really started back in October, when my Oma found a lump in her breast. I think you know where this is going. … Continue reading Awake / Asleep

Uneven Footing

I am really quite excited to see the resurgence of feminism in the mass consciousness. I’ve actually been meaning to write more about my nebulous thoughts and experiences around it, but this other thing has been eating at me a bit, so I thought I’d throw it out there and see if I can drum … Continue reading Uneven Footing