‘Reasons my Son is Crying’ makes me want to cry a little.

2 thoughts on “‘Reasons my Son is Crying’ makes me want to cry a little.”

  1. You are not alone. The reasons for tears are often ridiculous and after a day full of them it does help to be able to laugh about it rather than pull my hair out in frustration, but I do not like seeing kids crying. So I can giggle sbout the reasons for the tears; they are absurd and it is HARD to be little and have such big and overwhelming emotions, but I’d like to pass on the pictures. And when Jack learned his colours everything was blue for a while too.

  2. I think whether or not this is sad / bad parenting depends on whether, as you say, “instead of helping his kid navigate two-years-old, this dad is stopping to take a picture” – these photos have all been posted recently, but is it true that the dad captures every crying instance? There are only 34 (at my count) photos on the site. From I’m sure I could find 30 photos of my son where he’s looking unhappy.

    Not the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but I don’t see it as a tragedy. In my opinion, the funny parts of the blog are the captions.

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