Home and Away

Neil and I just got back from a trip to India, which was incredible, but more on that later. Taking the trip meant leaving Isaac behind. Just shy of a fortnight away from the kiddo. You guys, it was SO GOOD. Much as we love the little bugger, it was really excellent for Neil and … Continue reading Home and Away

The Friendly Skies – 4 tips for flying RyanAir with a lap infant

We just got back from a few days visiting friends in Stockholm, which was also our first experience with RyanAir. Photo by Mikelo on Flickr We’ve flown other discount carriers before, but RyanAir is often held up as the example of how much discount carriers can nickel-and-dime travellers, and exactly how deep the race to … Continue reading The Friendly Skies – 4 tips for flying RyanAir with a lap infant

What it’s Like

Quite a few people have been asking what it’s been like to have relocated, and I feel like I don’t have a great answer. Because currently, it doesn’t feel like, well, much of anything. I feel like I should have a better answer. Something like going to museums, sitting up in late night philosopher’s cafes, … Continue reading What it’s Like


Fun kid thing of late: At some point, Neil started reacting to Isaac’s more… impressive… diapers by exclaiming “Wow!” in the midst of changing him. I’m not sure when it really caught on, but now, Isaac exclaims “Wow!” every time his pants come off. Kid, I wish you a life where someone always says “Wow!” … Continue reading WOW!

Parenting, Family, etc.

This is what it means to have a family: diapering, cleaning, bedtime stories, untold drinks of water at bedtime, cooking, homework supervision/assistance, school drop off and pickup, daycare drop off and pick up, scheduling play dates (including hosting play dates), comforting and conflict resolution. If you aren’t willing to do those things, why the hell … Continue reading Parenting, Family, etc.