With September comes the inevitable back to school feeling in the air. And this year, like the 3 before it, I won’t be going back. The slightly more noteworthy tidbit though, is that I won’t be going back next year either. I’ve decided that despite my not-dismal-but-also-not-very-good LSAT score from June, I’m not going to … Continue reading LSAT-out

And on and on

I have yet to get a decent night’s sleep since before I left for Korea. I have a lot of work to do as the busy Spelunking season gets fully underway. I have a very important test to write in just under 3 weeks. I don’t feel like I’m making progress on any of those … Continue reading And on and on

Do Not Pass Go

One of my favourite concepts that came up during many of the Political Economy courses I took is that of Monopolies of Knowledge. Before you get excited, it has nothing to do with being really, really good at the board game. A Monopoly of knowledge is a system in place that serves to preserve the … Continue reading Do Not Pass Go