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With the exception of the first few weeks of excessive partying and blissful freedom after graduating from University, I always knew I wanted to go back. I am a nerd. A nerd for learnin’. And if that’s wrong, baby I don’t wanna be right!

The question then was, what to do? And here I give you a glimpse into my brain’s process of elimination:

Option 1: MA Communication Studies, focusing on either Mobile Telelphony, Telecom/Cable Convergence & Policy, or Blogs.

Question: Do I want a job of some sort that doesn’t involve pursuing a PhD and inflicting my knowledge on others when I finish? Yes. Fail. (I know that no degree is a guarantee of post-graduation employment, but some have far better prospects than others.)

Option 1: nixed.
Option 2: MoT MBA.

Question: Do I want a job of some sort when I finish? Yes. Pass.

Question: Do I want to write the GMAT? I have accepted my inability to do math beyond a 4th grade level (you think I’m kidding…). So no. Fail.

Option 2: nixed
Option 3: Law School (specializing in intellectual property)

Question: Do I want a job of some sort when I finish? Yes. Pass.

Question: Do I think I can do well on the LSAT? Yes. Pass.

Question: Have I been thinking about Law School, off and on, since I was 10 years old? Yes.
So it’s pretty much settled. Or as settled as these things can be when there are still many hoops to jump through before the plan becomes a reality. And even then, things aren’t guaranteed.

But for now, much of that free time I don’t actually have between now and June 12th will be spent with my nose buried in this.

Wish me luck.

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5 thoughts on “This is your brain on…

  1. Chris

    Yay! Congrats!

    Law school is on my “things to do if I won the lottery” list, along with all sorts of other degrees.

    Have you thought about a school yet?

  2. April

    Luck is being sent your way and I must say I admire you for having the guts to go for what you want. Congrats!

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