6 thoughts on “LSAT-out”

  1. I don’t know you, but from reading your blog and seeing pics you post, I’d say your heart is a lot more glimmery, glowing, bigger & full than you are willing to admit. I was the reigning champ of Ice Queendom – then true freakin’ love hit me on the noggin and he found a way to chip thru the icy exterior. The bugger.

    Here’s to gals with RHS whom now feel more at one with the Grinch when his heart became three times too big.

    It’s all good, girl. Even the Law School decision. Trust your heart, head and gut.

  2. It sounds like you made a calm, well-informed decision and props to you for that. These are really big decisions that when you make them, you’ve forged a path and created a Path Not Taken. I’m sure you’ve taken the happier path. =)

  3. Also, just because you’re choosing not to pursue Law School right now doesn’t mean it’s a closed door forever. You’ve got something good (jobwise) now, but in another five years, you may decide to go onto something new. This is what happens in life, and as long as you’re open to it then you can enjoy the ride, rather than worrying about the roads not taken.

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