Weekend Adventure: North Devon

One of the things we were most looking forward to doing after our move was some weekend adventuring around the UK and Europe – we kicked that off with a small trip to North Devon last weekend.

The drive out was a bit shambolic – the M5 turns into a parking lot most high-season Saturdays – but it was so, so worth it once we’d gotten there.

Driving into North Devon
Driving into North Devon

We stayed at the lovely Shaftsboro Farm B&B with its impecable garden and assortment of animals for a couple nights while we explored the area.

If you have never been to the South West of England, let me tell you that the picture you have in your mind when someone mentions “English Countryside” is a picture of North Devon. I was instantly transported back to my pre-teen self, reading through the pages of James Herriot’s books and imagining what the farmgates and country roads might’ve looked like (yes I know he was from North Yorkshire, not North Devon – I’ll adjust my nostalgia once we’ve been to Yorkshire).

But the most stunning thing, to me at least, is how the lush, rolling hills drop off so suddenly and turn into seaside. I am used to the green pastures being quite far from the seaside, with a lot of suburban sprawl and urban development in between.

From Lee to The Shack

With just a weekend (including a few hours’ drive on either side) we didn’t do much more than a day exploring Lee (including partaking in the required Devon Cream Tea) and a couple excellent pub dinners, but we had glorious weather, stunning vistas, excellent hosts and a perfect break from the not-quite-yet-routine routine.

Lee Village & Bay

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