Baby, you can drive my car

4 thoughts on “Baby, you can drive my car”

  1. Once you get the hang of roundabouts, you’ll come to appreciate them. They are, in many cases, vastly superior (and cheaper, I imagine) to traffic lights.
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    Jen Watkiss Reply:

    I already appreciate the efficiency of the roundabouts. I’m just terrified to drive in them so far. Especially when they have multiple lanes I need to change through (while not stalling or hitting anything/one). Though I’ve heard the French ones can be tricky, where traffic entering (rather than traffic already in) the circle has right of way? Or is that something unique to L’Etoile roundabout?

  2. Adapting to driving on the left is easy. You won’t know panic until you try to adjust back to the right side in Canada. 🙂
    I’m with you on the racket that is car seats (from a distance, of course) especially the “expiry date” on them. Srsly? WTF! AND I’m 100% with Darren on roundabouts. they’re awesome and keep traffic moving… adjusting to a “pedestrian scramble” on the other hand, looks menacing. 🙂

    Jen Watkiss Reply:

    Yah, apparently the plastic “can degrade over time” and become less safe. And yet the airplane built in 1983 that’s now held together with spit and duct tape is doing just fine.

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