We made it!

After a harrowing week of getting our condo packed up, trying (and failing) to pare down our ridiculous pile of suitcases, and saying our goodbyes, we made it to the airport for our flight.

The trip itself was fairly uneventful, though Isaac decided he’d had quite enough of the sitting still, thank you, with about 2 hours left.

Clearing immigration with our shiny new visas was totally anticlimactic, and we made it out of the airport with our giant piles of luggage, and without assistance, thanks to the mysterious disappearing porters.

Our temporary flat is lovely, and on the north end of the neighbourhood we want to live in, which is nice. Should make for some good exploring for Isaac and I when Neil starts work on Monday.

We’ve managed to pick up our rental car, get some groceries, and I’m set up with a SIM card. Next on the list will be having our bikes re-built from boxed, starting the house hunt, and hopefully buying a car in the next week or so, before our rental needs returning.

It still feels a bit surreal, and I’m still a little shocked that we’re actually here every time I see the English speed limit sign out the front window, peeking out behind a shrub next to the drive.

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2 thoughts on “Landed

  1. Beth

    Welcome to Europe Jen, Neil, and Issac…glad to have more friends on this continent πŸ™‚ Hopefully we can connect in person soon!

    Jen Watkiss Reply:

    Yes! Let us know if you’re in London/Oxford anytime πŸ™‚ And we should have spare space for visitors as of September.

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