One Month

It’s hard to believe time’s gone by so quickly, but little Isaac is one month old today!

Everyone says “they grow up so fast” but it’s really true. He’s already so different from the baby he started out as. And speaking of the baby he started as, I’ve finally managed to write down his birth story.

It’ll live on this website at some point, but it’s so long (and not everyone’s cup of tea) that I put it on a separate page.

Isaac’s Birth Story

And now I must run again, since Captain Pouty-Face (who is a champ at hulking up these days) is demanding his frillionth meal of the day.

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One thought on “One Month

  1. jen

    Happy 1 month Isaac! It’s crazy how quickly time goes by. He’ll be holding his head up and smiling at you before you know it!

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