Game On!

Because I was a very good girl this year, Santa left a PS3 under the tree for me!

We’ve been going around in circles since getting our TV as to what kind of peripherals to get for it. Until now we’ve been using my laptop for Netflix (which is okay, except it doesn’t output in particularly high resolution) and debating whether to get an Apple TV and a BluRay player (and maybe a Wii or an XBOX someday), or a PS3.

The ease of having one media player and one input, along with the additional ability to play games (even though from what I can tell, PS Move can’t even begin to compete with XBOX Kinect) won out.

After a day, I’m pretty damn pleased with the features of this console. We’ve setup Netflix, watched a BluRay disc and messed around a bit with the PS Network and some of the network sharing features.

But I have yet to get into the games. And this, gentle reader, is where I ask for your help (*cough*especiallyyouKimli!*cough*).

I am intimidated!

Let me sum up my lifetime gaming experience for you:

Atari: Pong, something with spaceships and shooting
Playing on my uncle’s original Nintendo: Tetris, Mario, Frogger, Duck Hunt and some track & field game on the Power Pad
Playing on my friend’s Super Nintendo: Zelda of some flavour
486 computer: Duke Nukem, Castle Wolfenstein
Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog, Echo the dolphin
Anything this decade: Rockband, Wii Sports

I have occasionally touched a modern videogame controller, and am hopeless when faced with the number of buttons and the sensitivity of the controls. I am lost when it comes to the complicated storylines and goals of most modern games. I have (so far) no desire (probably tied to my total lack of ability on modern gaming consoles) to play virtual sports or careen around in a virtual F1 car or skulk about killing virtual zombies or nazis.

So I am looking for suggestions on games that’ll be a kind and gentle (read: stupidly easy and forgiving) to someone who is, for all intents and purposes, new to gaming. We don’t have the PS Move at this point, and I’d like to avoid buying a 2nd controller at least until the post-Christmas cash-stores have been replenished a bit.

I have so far figured out on my own that Little Big Planet is probably a good place to start. But what else do I need to know? Where else should I be looking?

Until then, I’ll be over here on the couch, with my PS3 remote sadly serving the single-purpose of being a glorified NetFlix surfing/video playback device.

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8 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. Carlos

    Interesting. I’m in a similiar situation but my wife and I have revamped the entire entertainment system, replacing the old VCR, 10 yr DVD player, and 27″ tube tv with a 40″ HDTV (Sony kdl40hx701) (great price at Future shop), shaw Hd pvr (dcx3400), and ps3 320 gb with move bundle (walmart! Beats FS or Best buy). Looking to set up everything this week.
    But I think this setup will do everyhing we need and I like the faact that you can play others online for free (boo xbox). And the PS3 is a great network device too.
    As for games, my wife and I liked the old James bond goldeneye game for PS 2. The one on one challenge will give you a chance to brush up your gaming skills. Might get the latest Bond game later next year when the price comes down. ncix had the latest Call of Duty on for $40 today if you are into that too. šŸ˜‰
    Since you have your system up and running, what blu-Ray
    movies would be great to watch in HD?

    peechie Reply:

    Cool. Sounds exactly like us (replaced an old 27″ tube with a broken DVD player and VCR). Except we cut cable and went with an antenna for HD OTA.

    Thanks for the game recos, and the only BluRay movie we’ve watched so far is Inception (another holiday gift) – very impressive graphics, and I’d say worth it for just about any movie. Everything looks better in HD!

  2. Gillian

    At the last job I felt I was the only person working in the video game industry who doesn’t play video games. Am sort of paralized by the choices. Glad you at least got the console sorted. Kimli should have great advice.

  3. Kimli

    Definitely LBP. You should be able to find it for $30; it’s a “classic” title now and priced cheaper. Little Big Planet 2 comes out early next year as well! You’ll probably want a second controller though; there are some puzzles that need 2+ players to solve!

    If you like quirky, Katamari Forever is for the PS3 and worth getting. It’s not as good as Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari for the PS2, but it’s still good.

    Grand Theft Auto IV was extremely highly rated, as was Red Dead Redemption if you’re looking for shooters. In RPG land, consider Fallout 3, Borderlands (both cowboy-themed post apocalyptic RPGs) or Demon’s Souls (supposed to be really hard) or Oblivion (from the makers of Marrowind).

    From the Playstation Network store, get Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Fantastic game, will cost you about $10. Fat Princess is fun, as is Scott Pilgrim vs the World as a side-scrolling retro fighting game. You can also get Peggle for the PS3, which is a must if you don’t already have it for ten other devices.

    That’s several hundred dollars worth of titles right there – if none of them look to be up your alley, let me know what you’re looking for and I can give more suggestions. šŸ™‚ Yay gaming!
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  4. Kyrsten

    once upon a time, in a past life, I was a part owner of a
    PS3. About the only thing I miss? being able to watch BluRay. Now,
    I’m not a gamer. Not even close (and there are *two* Xboxes in my
    house right now – I think only one is functional – now that the Man
    has a tv of his own…maybe they’ll vamoose?). But watching “The
    Fall” by Tarsem (2006) is one of the most beautiful things you’ll
    ever see. Best cinematography I’ve seen in 10 yrs. And I have a
    soft spot for Immortal Beloved on BluRay – it’s an amazing film
    rendered on BluRay. But do watch The Fall. I have no idea how this
    film wasn’t as big as Avatar.

  5. Darren

    One word: “Portal”. It’s a nice gentle introduction into a couple of contemporary genres: the first person shooter (though you only shoot ‘doors’ in this game) and puzzle games. It’s also the best game I’ve played, in terms of storytelling and craftsmanship, in the last decade. It’s also reasonably short, so you get the joy of finishing the game without, like, 100 hours of frustrating gameplay.

    “Mirror’s Edge” is a slightly older game which looks really great and distinctive, though you might find its gameplay rather challenging.
    Darren´s last blog post ..Cheering for the Sad-Sack Upstarts

  6. Johanna

    I found that Mass Effect 2 was a great game on the XBOX and I think it’s coming out on the PS3 this month. You might want to avoid Oblivion if you don’t want to sacrifice your free time to a very fun time sink.

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