27 thoughts on “Feeling Smug”

  1. OMG Jen, might you be pregnant? 🙂 if so, congrats, congrats, congrats and many more congrats!

    peechie Reply:

    Heh, we’re certainly well past the “might” stage at this point! and thank you!

  2. holy shit, congratulations! also, holy shit, I love this G&O song so much, was the first I ever heard from them 😀

    peechie Reply:

    heh, thanks. also, you’ve summed up exactly what i said when i found out: “holy shit. now what?”

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! Congratulations!

    peechie Reply:

    Thanks Kim, Jan & Courtney! I’m still waiting for the “awesome” part to kick in, but I have it on fairly good authority it’s coming, eventually.

  4. Congrats! Don’t tell me the names, they’re a secret! Plus, I’ll just spoil them.
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    peechie Reply:

    Thanks Darren! I’ll be sure to keep names to myself, once we’ve figured them out (and can therefore stop referring to our impending offspring as “the thing that must be punished for making me feel like death”).

  5. Congrats Jen! Thats wonderful news for you and Neil 🙂 Sorry to hear you’re feeling awful though. I feel you on the nausea 🙁 I had barely any with Owen and this time Im 19 weeks and still on diclectin. Tried to go off it 3 times and no luck. If you’re really ill ask for some, it has saved me 🙂

    peechie Reply:

    Thanks Laura! I’ve been reading your FB updates and silently commiserating with you on the nausea thing! I hope it goes away for both of us soon!

  6. Eeee!! Congrats to you both! Can’t wait to meet the new arrival!

    peechie Reply:

    Thanks Col, Steven, Derek, Monica & Miranda!

    @Derek: mostly I’ve been too sick to do much more than moan and nibble at some dry cheerios. Thankfully things are improving on that front, and the snark is slowly but surely returning. I have a few ideas of what my 2004-self might think of me!

    @Monica If you don’t find it, I’ll be crushed! So far we really like Shithead (pronounced “shih-TEED” of course) but fear that Freakonomics has made it too popular, and our precious snowflake deserves something as unique as him/her/it.

    @Miranda we’ll definitely be calling on you & Reilly for some belly/baby shots in the new year!

  7. Someone else ruined this before I got to you in my list of things to read today (I’m a bit OCD about the order I read things, shh). . . but.

    . . .



    How far along are you?

    peechie Reply:

    Heh – I’m closing in on the end of the 10th week. Due mid-March 2011

  8. congrats kids! i wish i could say it will get better.
    but i’ve never been.

    but i hear in the long run the final result is well worth it.

    i think its fantastic that you and neil will be parents! 🙂

    j in texas

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