When I’m twenty-six

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  1. I can completely empathize with your fear of what will happen to your career when you have your baby. Four years ago, when I started my PhD, I simply couldn’t imagine putting my career, which I’d put so many hard years of work into, aside for a family. I knew I wanted a baby (indeed, I knew EXACTLY when I wanted a baby), but was certain I’d just have the baby and then move on with the degree and my career and all would be well. And, I guess that’s essentially what I’m doing – I went back (part time) when Adele was 3.5 months old, and have been building up my hours since then (I now work about 30 hours a week divided between some work-day hours and a lot of evenings and weekends). And, as much as I’m jealous as hell of my friends with full pay for a full year off, and I’d really like to be able to melt into my couch after Adele goes to bed at night instead of rushing through dinner so that I can go hack away at my latest manuscript, it’s okay. It’s really hard sometimes, but it’s okay. My point is that it’s possible to have multiple priorities. But, be warned: the priorities WILL shift and it’s completely beyond your control. NOTHING comes before Adele. Whatever you felt was important before – money, career success, stylish clothes (or any clothes that fit other than stretched out old yoga pants that you wore for the better part of your pregnancy), a decent hair cut, a night out with friends, sleep… all of that will immediately step aside because suddenly you realize that your sole purpose in life – at least for the next several years – is to be a great mom to that baby. All of the other stuff is just fluff. Enjoy!

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