Apparently No, Sometimes We Can’t

3 thoughts on “Apparently No, Sometimes We Can’t”

  1. My wife Air passed through Chicago O’Hare earlier this year, and was amazed at how much Olympic stuff there was at the airport — not having followed the various bids and upcoming games, she thought they’d already won the bid and were advertising for an upcoming Summer Olympics, since there seemed to be just as much hype as we have here in Vancouver.

    I have very little logic about the Winter Olympics. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed the Winter Games, especially the speed events like downhill skiing, luge, and so on. I’m glad they’re coming here, and hope they have an Expo-style benefit for the region, even if logic would tell me there are a lot of disadvantages. Plus my older daughter was born during the ’98 Olympics in Nagano, so my view is even more skewed.
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  2. Wasn’t that 2003? I remember standing down near Canada Place when the announcement was made, and I’m pretty sure it was in 2003. Hope you didn’t lose out on 2 years in there though.

  3. Anne, you are correct – wikipedia tells me it was July 2nd, 2003. I really just remembered it was in the early 2000s and pulled a year that sounded right – based on my roommate at the time – out of the air.

    As for losing years, what can I say? It was my final 2 years of University, so there are a lot of blurry, fuzzy bits in my brain from that time.

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