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  1. Thanks for having us out Jen. Vij’s is an awesome restaurant. While I did enjoy the family-style serving, I could easily eat any one of those mains all by itself, they were that good.

  2. Vij’s and Lumiere are up next on my Vancouver to-dine list.

    Reservations have been made for Au Pied de Cochon in three weeks. 🙂

  3. I’m totally with you on refusing to wait to eat. I don’t think it’s control freaky at all. It might be elsewhere in the world, but in North America accepting reservations is a cultural norm.

    I wrote about this last year (, and received a couple of explanations. This is, uh, third-hand from Vij himself:

    “He said, please tell your guests that we welcome them as if they are guests of our home. At home, you certainly would not bring your guests to the dining room table as soon as they step in the door – you would take them to the living room, have a little chat with some drinks and nibblies and then gradually guide them over to the dining room for dinner.”

    I also wouldn’t pay my host in somebody’s home, nor would my host have a large staff. So that metaphor kind of breaks down.

    I also heard from somebody at Wild Rice, which also does not take reservations:

    “We do not like to promise our customers things that we can’t follow through on. We are a small (88 seats) independant restaurant. If you called and made a reservation for 7pm on a Friday night, we would have to hold that table for you from at least 5:30pm on to make sure that when you arrived, there would be a table ready for you.That means that for 1 1/2 hours, that table sits empty.Being a small business, we do not have that luxury.”

    That’s a far more reasonable rationale, though I’d guess that most small restaurants in Vancouver manage to take reservations. In any case, I just vote with my wallet, and stick to the vast majority of places that do accept reservations.

    I also don’t care for restaurants that require a credit card for a reservation. Rather tacky. Mind you, this is usually just the super-fancy ones, which aren’t my bag. So, it’s rarely an issue.
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