Blogathon, Redux – Birthday edition!

Ok, now that I’m actually coherent, I’ll post a few quick thoughts on the Blogathon.

It was HARD. Staying up for 24 hours is not really all it’s cracked up to be. Add the pressure of posting content every 30 minutes, and it’s even more insane. As you can see from the last few hours of entries, I was barely coherent. At that point I had just set my alarm for every 30 minutes, so I’d wake up and bang out a few more sentences, then pass out again.

But it was clearly worth it!

I set my goal at a modest $200, and you all BLEW IT AWAY by donating a whopping FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY DOLLARS for the BC SPCA!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you pledged directly through the blogathon site, I’m assuming they will be sending you a message once it’s all said and done on how to complete your pledge. If they don’t, please remember to pledge directly on the BC SPCA’s donation site.

And if you didn’t get your donation in, and still want to, the blogathon site is up for another few days, and the SPCA’s fundraising portal will be available through the walk in September.

Thank you again – you’ve all helped make this a great birthday to remember!

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