Blogathon 41 – 2:00

Back to the SPCA, the whole reason I’m doing this wacky “blog all day and all night” thing.

They’ve got a Pet on the Net feature, where they highlight some special animals needing homes each week.

The latest pets are three cats, and since I am not a cat person at all, I thought perhaps some of you out there might be more feline-inclined and be able to, or know someone who wants to, give one of these three lovely kitties at home.

“Tiny” 117352
Tiny has a big heart, despite being surrendered to the BC SPCA’s Kelowna Branch just after Valentine’s Day in 2008. What a way to treat this sweet, loving gal! Tiny is a six-year-old domestic longhaired tuxedo cat, who is all dressed up with no place to go. She’s litter-box trained, uses a scratching post instead of the furniture, and gets along well with other cats. She loves attention, and the more she gets, the louder she purrs. One of her favourite “activities” is curling up near the window where the sun can warm her beautiful fur.

“Fiona” 148814
Poor Fiona is suffering from Black Cat Syndrome! That is, she doesn’t attract attention or command interest like her multicoloured calico, tortie and tabby counterparts do, simply because she’s black. On average, black cats spend about 15 per cent longer in shelter care than other cats, for reasons that can only be speculated. It could be that they’re difficult to photograph and thus to promote, but it could also be that they just don’t stand out enough. Fiona is a gorgeous black cat who was living a stray’s life, fending for herself, until a Good Samaritan picked her up and brought her to the shelter. She had a cat cold when she arrived back in November, but she’s healthy now and on the hunt for her forever home.

“Chameleon” 170479
Chameleon is a 14-year-old Siamese mix who has only been at the shelter a short time, but the busy environment is no place for an old girl like her. She arrived with her seven-year-old brother, J.C., when their owner moved away and couldn’t take them. She hasn’t been able to express her true personality just yet, but she appears to be a gentle, healthy cat who would like her next home to be her last.

Tiny, Fiona and Chameleon are available at the BC SPCA’s Kelowna Branch.
If you are interested in meeting Tiny, Fiona or Chameleon or any of the other animals in care, telephone us at the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch at 250-861-7722.

Or if acquiring a cat isn’t in your future, perhaps you’ll be compelled to donate, so that the shelters can continue to house cats like these three.


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