Doing it for the kittens

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m embarking on the madness that is Blogathon 2009 tomorrow.

My charity of choice is the BC SPCA

Ultra Cutie

And this face is Sasha, imploring you to donate.

I start at 6:00am tomorrow, and don’t stop blogging for 24 hours! And then I nap for most of a day, and then I turn 29. If that is not trauma worthy of a donation, I don’t know what is.

If you won’t do it for me, or Sasha, do it for the kittens, or the thousands of other Animals the SPCA works to save and protect.

Of course a few of my posts will be sharing some of the good work the SPCA does. Others will be live-blogging the goings on at the Chill on the Hill event at Whistler. And I’m also taking requests from sponsors for wacky things to photoblog. Leave a comment on that entry with your creative ideas!


Pledge through the Blogathon Site
Directly through the SPCA Paws for a Cause donation portal.

Wet noses everywhere thank you.

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