Chill Sleepless on the Hill

Because blogging for 24h straight (all to raise money for the BC SPCA! Donate!) isn’t zany enough, I’m going to be doing it from Whistler. Specifically, from the Nestea Chill on the Hill Event.

I’ll be heading up first thing Saturday morning with Tanya to party and play in the sand & snow. And I’m taking requests!*

Since you’re forking out your hard-earned dollars for the cause, I’ll take pictures of myself doing any number of things in Whistler at the event. You want toes in the sand? You got it! Snow angels? Sure! Hugging a random stranger? Heck yes!

Comment with your crazy capers, then click to donate through or the BC SPCA Paws for a Cause site.


*No nudity and nothing illegal. This here’s a family show!

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