Sandy Claws

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  1. Right, didn’t have anything to do with it. That’s quite a funny first kiss story! I can’t believe you were 11… I was 17. I know, late bloomer over here.

  2. When I was in kindergarten I had a best friend named Daniel. We were inseparable. I remember staying over at his house and us having baths together. I vaguely remember there being photographic evidence of this, too.

    Facebook told me he was gay. Surely I’m more likely to have driven him off girls at age 5, than a simple kiss between 11-year-olds?

    Really, he gave up too early. Wait a decade and I had boobs.

  3. Where to begin…. I am Ben Newcombe, and yes, I am gay. I was just googling my own name (you can assume for whatever reason you like), and I came across this little anecdote. I remember this event quite clearly, however, the details are slightly different in my memory.

    Sand “dunes” – check
    First kiss – check
    Push – believable

    The part left out, is that we were kicking along the edges of the “dunes” or “cliffs” as an 11yr old might say, to make them collapse, and (possible after being pushed) one of the “cliffs” gave out under me, sending me flying about 15 feet straight onto my tailbone, which to this day is f*cked up!

    The worst part, is that although I can picture your face quite clearly, I cannot remember your name! Terrible, I know, but you’ve totally made my night. You can rest assured, although this may have been a traumatic experience, I have never been completely turned off of girls (I’m also a very good kisser)…..Feel free to contact me to fill me in the foggy details. I’m on Facebook.

    thanks again!

    Ben Newcombe

  4. Wow! Ben! Awesome 🙂

    I remember we used to leap off those dunes on a fairly regular basis. And I do remember being awfully surprised when my “push” sent you flying as far as it did!

  5. Ben Newcombe? Why does that sound so familiar? Ben (if you read this again) did you live in the PM/MR area? Perhaps on Wildwood? first kiss was (i believe) among boxes in the basement of the girl next door’s house (yes with her too).

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