Still not worth switching supermarkets for

3 thoughts on “Still not worth switching supermarkets for”

  1. you can also get them at super value on Davie (tho $$$) and at Extra Foods. There’s one in west Van in addition to the one Air mentioned. There’s also a “cost less” or similar name on Denman and nelson or comox? In that mall there. They have PC products too. I know there’s somewhere else to find them…. now if only i could remember….

    helpful, I know. 😉

  2. That’s the one thing I hate about living out here in the West. The Superstores are sketchy! The Superstores back home on the East Coast are called Markets and they carry tons of fresh, organic produce, health products, local and organic meats and you can walk through the store without worrying about tripping on debris! I miss my Atlantic Superstore!

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