Old Mother Hubbard

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  1. I have a kitchen because it came with the apartment…

    Nick likes to cook, but also works insane hours, and since “hanging out in the kitchen” isn’t particularly quality time to me, we tend to prefer to spend his few non-working hours doing things that we both enjoy instead. So, we eat out a lot. 🙂

    Pity, since we have a freaking *gorgeous* kitchen, but on the upside… since we never use it, it almost always looks magazine-ready.

  2. I am in awe that you find the motivation to cook so much especially considering how busy I imagine you are. I used to cook meals all the time but that’s fallen by the wayside of late. The waist line has also been expanding though so perhaps those two go together. heh.

    This post may just inspire me to start posting on my own blog again.

    PS. How do you make mayo?

  3. For smoothies, nothing beats a hand blender (or thunderstick, as Brook calls it). So much less to clean, and way faster to get a smooth consistency. It is also WAY easier to blend a soup with than a food processor.

  4. We do own a rice steamer, and we use it not just for rice but veggies also, since I discovered how easy it is to use. The steamer was a gift from Gillian, yay Gillian thank you! It’s one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

    Our toaster is in the late stages of its demise – it has two settings, untoasted or burned. We don’t toast things daily so it’s not on the action list to replace yet. I’ll worry about it later and maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas.

    We have a KitchenAid and it mostly sits unused, but we love to have it on the counter to show off.

    Our most frequently used kitchen tool is our big chopping block from IKEA, which seldom has a chance to dry off from washing before it’s back in use. I might buy a second one sometime soon, because we use it so frequently and sometimes we’re both wanting to use it.

    During the past few months we’ve been less coordinated about our meals than usual, I think because we’re both running frantically to keep on top of our schedules. When we get time to make a meal however, it does tend to be something elaborate from scratch.

  5. Must try the braised red cabbage recipe by Jamie Oliver – it’s a different take on a dinner meal. If you ever get the chance to look through some of his recipes; I find them to take a refreshingly non-north-american look at meals. The recipes are not necessarily complex and as a semi-poor student this is kind of nice for me. I got the cookbook as a present and everything from there has turned out.

  6. donna: a big part of the cooking thing happening is that we like doing it together. i can totally understand that you’d rather do anything else. i feel that way about laundry.

    Courtney: we’ve been a lot less busy lately, which helps a huge amount. during the week we try to keep things simple with meals we can put together in 20-30 minutes – we do the majority of the ‘heavy lifting’ on weekends. And mayo is SO easy! basically you whisk egg yolks and oil (and a couple other things) together until they emulsify. I’ll blog about the process soon, since we need to make a new batch.

    Riann: ooh, we do love the immersion blender too. I wouldn’t dream of pureeing a soup any other way.

    Sue: i also love your chopping block. and when we get busy, we’re pretty atrocious about feeding ourselves.

    helen: excellent timing – cabbage is great this time of year! we’re huge Jamie Oliver fans. I think we have at least two of his books, with plans to acquire more. Actually, we have a constantly expanding selection of cookbooks – most from UK chefs (nigella, jamie, ramsey).

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