Wishes for Monday

I wish…

…I were brave enough to wear fascinators
…my actions more closely mirrored my thoughts
…I had more patience
…I’d known about iTunes radio sooner!
…I’d eaten something other than brownies & coleslaw (not at the same time) for dinner last night
…you were here
…I’d packed a lunch for today
…the weather would firmly settle into fall, so the “sweat” in sweater would be a little less literal
…this weren’t “leftovers week” in our kitchen – so many recipes waiting until next week!
…you would share your Monday wishes with me!

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3 thoughts on “Wishes for Monday

  1. Sue

    Are Tuesday wishes good enough?

    – I didn’t have to worry about money
    – My kitchen was full of cooked leftovers instead of frozen ingredients
    – My husband wasn’t going away for a week tonight.
    – I had a new comfortable good-looking fall jacket that fit

  2. isabella mori

    … that it’s ok to share this one monday later
    … that all problems were as easily solved as your spam question
    … that there will be man more unbelievably beautiful days like today
    … that i could spend more time with my grandchildren

    and my biggest wish right now:
    … that i will discover that magically, my taxes, which are waaaaay behind, are all done!

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