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  1. Cool. I’d actually really like to try the Bowron Lakes circuit someday – considering it’s supposed to be the “gold standard” in canoe/portage/camping trips, it’d be nice to have a comparison.

  2. I imagine the trails are a mess from last winter’s storms. Even some of the non-remote, mainstream trails around Vic are still in bad shape.
    The lodge sounds sounds nice, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The trails actually looked fine from a storm-damage perspective.

    Most of the trees that were down had obviously been there for a LONG time, and there was one instance where a log had been cut so it only left the piece across the trail, but the rest had been cleared away (prompting a hearty WTF!?! from our clan).

    The Lodge *was* nice though – leisurely walks through the woods, lounging about with books, and a ridiculous amount of time spent watching Animal Planet on Satellite (since we don’t have that channel).

  4. i admit to NOT being a camper. i like the comforts of home way too much! especially the indoor plumbing and showers. now i “can” get by with NO TV. it sounds like the lodge i could have coped with. the rest you experienced? that alone would have me give up camping! UGH!

  5. Wow, great post, sounds like you need another vaca from canoe trip. I have been up to Pitt Lake myself and never had wheels on my canoe :(. There is a great route up by Pitt Lake, called Widgin creek, once you get up there, there is a crystal clear pool. Cheers, hope next time the trip treats you better!

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