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  1. We bought ours from Book Warehouse on Broadway, beside the Parthenon greek market. Cost less than at Chapters in fact, but that was the advance pre-sale price ($31.56 incl.tax). Book Warehouse is locally owned. There wasn’t a lineup today at 2pm when I went to get it.

  2. I picked up my copy at 12:15 last night, once the crowds had died down (I brought the dog, and while the store is dog-friendly, I didn’t want to bring her into a store jam-packed with people & kids) at Book Warehouse on Broadway (different one than Sue mentions, she was at the kits location, I believe). They’re a chain, but they’re a good one. 🙂

    Kidsbooks also isn’t far from your place (broadway and… um … something. Pretty close to the Kits Book Warehouse as well.

    I was really impressed with Book Warehouse. I wandered by at about 10 to midnight, and it was a mob scene — I’m pretty sure they were blowing their “occupancy” bylaws all to hell. 🙂 Not wanting to hang around, we circled the block a few times, and within 15 minutes of the book being released, the store was all but cleared out, so that all was left were staff, a few browsers, and a few stragglers who purposely came late like me.

    I don’t know if the price still holds a day later, but the price Sue quoted was what I paid as well.

  3. I had exactly the same problem – stupid chapters. The apparently tried delivery at 12:09 and left a slip, but since Scott checked just after that time, I doubt it. It also didn’t arrive at whatever mystery post office it’s at until 5:57pm. Nice handling, chapters!

  4. Yah. It’s actually an issue with Canada Post. They were instructed to attempt to deliver to all apartments, and I guess just didn’t.

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