A letter I just submitted through Chapters’ online Customer Service form:


I am completely and utterly disappointed by the way the Harry Potter release “delivery day shipment” was handled.

I’m not sure whether it was an issue with Chapters, or with Canada Post, but my order was NOT delivered today, Saturday July 21st by the time of writing (9:40pm). Canada Post’s tracking information states the book is still “out for delivery” as it has been since 8:11am.

I have never had issue receiving orders from Canada Post at my apartment before – they manage to deliver my mail daily, and yet I have not received my order, nor any slip on my door or in my mailbox stating that they were unable to make a delivery and I should pick up my book at a postal outlet. The tracking website also has not been updated to state that an attempted delivery was even made.

I believed in the promise that Chapters and Canada Post made to their customers, that pre-orders received by a certain date would be honoured and delivered between 8:00am and 6:00pm today.

Because that promise was broken, I will be returning my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows whenever it arrives, and purchasing it instead from an independent book retailer.

I purchased from Chapters because I believed your organization had the corporate skill and ability to effectively partner with an organization that would deliver my book, conveniently, as promised, on the day of release.

Instead, I have wasted an entire day waiting for a promise that wasn’t fulfilled. And it will certainly cause me to rethink my decision to purchase from Chapters – either in-store or online – in the future.



Canada Post will be getting a similar tirade, once I have access to a browser that is compatible with their site. Anyone else have this problem, and anyone know of a store (that isn’t Chapters) where I can buy a copy of the damn book tomorrow?

Update: July 25/07

Chapters = Awesome

Canada Post = Not so much.

Chapters was really accommodating responding to my request, taking my return at the store and refunding my purchase including shipping. They have apologized profusely, and basically done everything right.

Canada post told me initially they couldn’t help, and when pressed, relented to “sending a message to the depot, with instructions to tell all carriers to always attempt delivery.” Considering Chapters’ site stated that posties were already instructed to attempt delivery whenever possible, I don’t have much faith in their instruction. I was also explicitly told that I shouldn’t expect a follow-up.

I am still not impressed, and disappointed on Chapters’ behalf, because while they did everything right I still won’t buy from them if they partner with Canada Post again for a release like that. I hope they’re wise enough to use a more reliable courier if there is a next time.

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8 thoughts on “Harried

  1. Sue

    We bought ours from Book Warehouse on Broadway, beside the Parthenon greek market. Cost less than at Chapters in fact, but that was the advance pre-sale price ($31.56 incl.tax). Book Warehouse is locally owned. There wasn’t a lineup today at 2pm when I went to get it.

  2. donna

    I picked up my copy at 12:15 last night, once the crowds had died down (I brought the dog, and while the store is dog-friendly, I didn’t want to bring her into a store jam-packed with people & kids) at Book Warehouse on Broadway (different one than Sue mentions, she was at the kits location, I believe). They’re a chain, but they’re a good one. 🙂

    Kidsbooks also isn’t far from your place (broadway and… um … something. Pretty close to the Kits Book Warehouse as well.

    I was really impressed with Book Warehouse. I wandered by at about 10 to midnight, and it was a mob scene — I’m pretty sure they were blowing their “occupancy” bylaws all to hell. 🙂 Not wanting to hang around, we circled the block a few times, and within 15 minutes of the book being released, the store was all but cleared out, so that all was left were staff, a few browsers, and a few stragglers who purposely came late like me.

    I don’t know if the price still holds a day later, but the price Sue quoted was what I paid as well.

  3. Johanna

    I had exactly the same problem – stupid chapters. The apparently tried delivery at 12:09 and left a slip, but since Scott checked just after that time, I doubt it. It also didn’t arrive at whatever mystery post office it’s at until 5:57pm. Nice handling, chapters!

  4. peechie Post author

    Yah. It’s actually an issue with Canada Post. They were instructed to attempt to deliver to all apartments, and I guess just didn’t.

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