Here Comes the Bride

11 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride”

  1. Amen on the whole wedding planning is easy. Like most event planning, it’s just a long series of small decisions. The difficulty arises when emotion enters into the equation. Which, of course, happens fairly regularly.

  2. Honestly, even if a bride asked me to do that to her face I would (and have) say no.

    I have a pet peeve with brides looking like they’re going out to a club for a night, or like their older, trashier sister has done their make-up for prom.

  3. Peechie, enjoy reading your blog. I teach ballroom dancing in my spare time and lately have been helping several couples with their wedding dances. Let me know if you need some input in choreographing your dance – I’d be happy to help.

  4. well, i do have a wedding dress i’m selling. i wore it and we’re very happily married. It is a little princessy and beaded but i can send you a picture if you want. I’ll cut you a good deal and hang onto it until you’re ready to pick it up. lemme know. ;P

  5. Wedding planning only sucks when the venue changes owners and the new ones threaten to cancel your contract because they’ve found someone else willing to pay more. Aside from that everything for mine went very smoothly.

    You can borrow my dress/necklace/crown-thing if you want.

  6. I think it’s easy for organized, logical people…not that I’d know about being either, but it really doesn’t seem that difficult to me. Of course, my plan for if/when I get married is either a) not, b) elope or c) throw a barbeque and have a surprise justice of the peace there. I think so far I’ve been vetoed for all but “a”. šŸ˜›

  7. For some reason, that picture makes me think of Cindi Lauper. And a whole bunch of other things from the 80’s that I’d rather forget.

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