Did you Pass Math?

Apologies for the extra step in commenting here, but since the “close old posts” and Akismet plugins are starting to fail miserably (87 spam comments to be moderated in 2 hours), there’s one more simple step required to leave your mark on la watercooler.

I’ve installed the “Did You Pass Math” plugin, which requires you to answer a simple math question before your comment will be accepted.

Hey, at least you don’t have to try reading a blurry captcha.

Hopefully that will slow the spammers for a little while.

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6 thoughts on “Did you Pass Math?

  1. NetChick

    Hey, if that doesn’t work for long… I have my blacklist words which has worked perfectly now for six months. Well, almost perfectly… I just added another word recently which took care of the problem of 3 spam messages. Happy to share it with ya!

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