Pop Goes the Question – Part the Second

Read Part the First here.

So Neil and I became engaged in Korea. And decided to keep it a secret until we could do it “right,” meaning until we could buy the ring we wanted, and start saving for the wedding.

We waited. And saved. And waited. And saved. And waited. And saved some more.

Of course, complicating matters was the fact that we’ve also bought a condo under construction, and have to have a significant sum saved for the rest of the down payment and closing costs.

More saving, more waiting.

Finally, in early November, the bank accounts were showing promise, and we realized we can make this happen for the Christmas holidays! We’re both Christmas fiends, and looked forward to being able to share our happy news at seasonal celebrations, when family and friends usually flung far and wide would be all together to break the news to in person!

So we trundled ourselves down to a local diamond vendor where I picked out a setting, and told Neil his job was to pick the sparkly stone to go in it.

And here’s where I tell you all that Neil is a TERRIBLE secret keeper!

He was so excited every step of the way, that he’d practically be bouncing up and down with glee on the days he’d gone over to the jewelry store to view another diamond that they’d brought in.

He thinks he was being subtle, but randomly showing up near my work (which he NEVER does) to go for lunch, when I know the jewellery store is halfway between his workplace and mine is a BIG hint.

Or the day he phoned saying he just got off the phone from a teleconference and was going to leave work now, and I can hear traffic in the background (instead of office noises, which is what I usually get).

Nevermind the day he came home, stared at me, and burst into a HUGE grin saying “I’m SO excited about finally getting officially engaged to you.” I knew that day the ring was ready, and most likely in the house.

Because my parents are quite traditional and he’s a gentleman, Neil went over to their house to speak with them before popping the question to me. That was Thursday December 7th. My parents phoned before he’d even left, and were ecstatic to hear the news and share their congratulations with us!

All that was left for Neil was the actual act of giving me the ring, and making it official to the rest of the world that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

The night of the 7th, I don’t think either of us slept well – after over 6 months of waiting, there was nothing left to wait for, other than the perfect opportunity to present the perfect proposal.

So the morning of the 8th, we woke up and started our general morning routine. From the first night Neil stayed over at my place, we’ve had this “thing” we do…

For reasons still unknown to me, that first morning he woke up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and instead of being annoying (as I find most anything that doesn’t involve me still sleeping at that hour), he offered to make coffee. Let me tell you, there is no quicker way to get through the cracks in the cold, dark exterior of my black little heart, than with a cup of hot, fresh coffee. And it stuck. He gets up and makes coffee, I let the dog out of her crate and turn on the morning news, and our little family hangs out in bed for half an hour or so to start the day.

We’ve even shared our routine with other couples, and it’s SO cute and rewarding when someone says “hey – I told my boyfriend/fiancé/husband/whatever about how Neil brings you coffee in bed in the mornings, and he brought me a cappucino in bed today!” It’s always nice to have a reminder that we really do have a good thing going on.

So, the morning of December 8th. Neil can’t keep a secret, I’m giddy as all get-up, and there is a giant elephant (read: diamond ring) hanging out in the room.

We’ve both got our coffee, are half-watching the news, and Neil asks me “how elaborate a proposal story do you want to have to tell your friends?”

Of course I answered “I just want it done with love.”

So Neil reached behind his pillow, pulled out a blue velvet box, and said “You already know I love you so, so much, and I can’t wait until the rest of the world finally knows, will you marry me?”

I opened the box, saw the ring that took my breath away, looked at the man that stole my heart, and finally said “Yes.”

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4 thoughts on “Pop Goes the Question – Part the Second

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  2. joann

    congratulations! again!

    to two loving people i’ve never met but think the world of, thanks to your blogs!

    reading part two was as romantic as part one!

    and i love your ring!

  3. April

    How romantic!!! I’m glad you told the story, I was dying to find out how it happened but didn’t want to be nosy. Congrats again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both.

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