Have your Cake and Eat It too!

6 thoughts on “Have your Cake and Eat It too!”

  1. Thanks for the cake the other night – it was delicious! I think I’m going to try a cake with the coconut tofu soon and see how that goes…

  2. I had no idea they made “dessert tofu”. If I am unable to find such a thing in my small Michigan community, do you think “regular tofu” would work?


  3. Yum sounds great, will try it tx. The Pete’s dessert tofu is also great blended up in smoothies, would not even know it’s there and the protein keeps me feeling satisfied throughout the morning.

  4. I’m sold on trying this out because of the diminished calories and fat count!

    (Loved tofu before I moved here and so a little blase – except that edamame in a restaurant is such a rip-off!)

  5. Okay, for those of us who can’t find dessert tofu, what’s the size of a package? I assume I could substitute the soft, pudding-consistency tofu for dessert tofu, right?

  6. tcottontail: as long as you use tofu about the consistency of (as Hannah mentioned) pudding, it should work out fine.

    Hannah: it’s a 300g package here. Hopefully the conversion works – it’s super tasty.

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