Postcards From the Edge


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The Man and I are driving his parents to Seattle tonight after work, so they can catch a flight to Korea from SeaTac airport.

Clearly I haven’t ventured outside Canada since my own trip to the peninsula, because when I went to dig for our passports in the drawer where such things are kept, I found these.

Sixteen postcards I’d intended to send while in Korea, that I never even managed to write on, let alone address and mail.


Considering the cards are doing me absolutely no good at all sitting in a drawer, I figured I should send them anyway – albeit a bit late.

So if anyone out there in blogland would like a postcard from Korea (albeit with a Canadian postmark), leave a comment or email with your address, and I promise I’ll actually send them this time!

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2 thoughts on “Postcards From the Edge

  1. Lovewine

    Classic case of busy(lazy) traveller. I often posted cards bought in one country in the next country or maybe the one after that…or possibly never….those cards are still packed away in a box somewhere. That also reminds me that my passport is expiring …like now.

    Glad to hear the wine fridge ordeal is over with.

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