5 thoughts on “Shitlist”

  1. re #1 – i own a female dog as well and it isn’t just the people that don’t own dogs. some people with dogs still think i let my dog shit and run and i always pick up! grr. ignorance…not to mention you would think another dog owner is smart enough to NOT pet the head of a dog that doesn’t belong to you…grrr

    #2 – this wouldn’t happen to be “the beat” would it? they drive me nuts…especially that nira aurora girl who you can tell just loves the sound of her own voice. blech

    bitchin’ posts are the best πŸ™‚

  2. LOL at Nam-uh-BEE-ya. I remember my brother once telling someone that our mother is a Hispanic woman, and the person in question looked blankly before admitting she didn’t know where Hispania was.

  3. Between Dunsmuir and Pender (and perhaps a few more blocks south). They’ve opened it up to traffic for the Canada Line construction, since the buses have been rerouted onto Howe and Seymour.

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