Roasty Toasty

6 thoughts on “Roasty Toasty”

  1. Love the illustrated cookbook…great job! Two points:

    1) DRIED rosemary? Pshaw and fie.
    2) I had a quick look through all my cookbooks, and yep, this is the first time I’ve ever seen “spank fleshy carcass” in the instructions.

  2. mmm looks good. must have smelled so tasty in your house! i’ve done something similar but rubbed the seasonings under the skin. that does require a bit more violating of the bird and a bit more salmonella under your fingernails though.

  3. So, what did you end up doing, since you have neither a houseboy nor a hot boyfriend? 🙂

    Hehe. Looks like good chicken, I’ll have to try it sometime. I too like a meatrub with some herb 😉

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