Space Oddity

I just realized that I do a somewhat peculiar thing.

I claim to eat a lot of trail-mix. And yes, there is usually a big bag of the stuff on my desk. And yes, the trail-mix does get consumed. Sort of.

I make my own trail-mix. Use the regular premix at the store then add generous helpings of corn nuts, reese’s pieces and at least double the amount of smarties in the stuff.

However when I eat it, what do I do? Pick out all the corn-nuts, reese’s pieces and smarties, and eat those. Occasionally I’ll toss in an almond or cashew for fun. But mostly I just eat the stuff I added, and end up tossing the rest – because who wants to eat a bagfull of rasins and peanuts? Ew.

So, to recap: I buy trail mix, stir in candy, promptly pick out the candy, eat it, and throw away the trail mix.

And why don’t I just buy candy and leave that on my desk? Because that’s unhealthy!

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4 thoughts on “Space Oddity

  1. Karin

    Sounds like you’d like my version of trail mix…it’s less work…no picking stuff out. 😉

    Chocolate chips
    chocolate covered raisins
    reese’s pieces

    I love cashews and raisins though…so YMMV.

    This is especially fun to take camping, when everything melts together and you wind up with a massive chocolate bar later that night. 🙂

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