Haircut Entry

12 thoughts on “Haircut Entry”

  1. I love it! What a great cut. I’d like a hookup with one of those discount cards. I’ve heard good things about Axis, and I wouldn’t mind trying somewhere new.

  2. Mel: after the cut, colour, toner, bottle of product, tax, and 15% tip the grand total was $220.

    Of course, it’s not usually that much – the toner is a once a year change when I want to darken the blonde, I only get it coloured every 2-3 cuts and buy product every 3-4 cuts.

  3. Oh man – that’s adorable! And if you still have a card, I’d love it .. I’m in DIRE NEED of a haircut, and need to see someone who can cut a cute hair!

  4. Very nice. Well worth the money. I very much like the tone, very appropriate for this time of year. It’s very similar to something i did to a girl last week who looks remarkably similar to you. (same facial structure, same colouring 🙂 )

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