Open Letter

To the Stunned Cunt in the Parking Garage:

Considering I was carrying a huge mesh sack of laundry, two large (heavy!) Ikea bags full of stuff, a 5′ long cardboard poster tube, had a purse slung over one shoulder, and an overnight bag over the other, and had the exhausted look of one who has just returned home after a long weekend spent with family – was it really necessary to ask me if I “live here” before you nearly slammed the parkade door in my face before I could get in?

In addition, do you think you also needed to inspect the keys that were precariously dangling from my pinky to make sure that I did, indeed have a building key?

Because really, if I didn’t live here, and was carrying that much stuff, don’t you think maybe I’d be going in the OTHER DIRECTION?

Fuck you!

Much Love,

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One thought on “Open Letter

  1. Chris

    Wow, did you just used “stunned” to mean
    “dumb, slow witted, ignorant”? If so, cool! I’ve never heard someone not of newfie heritage use the word that way.

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