Good, Better, Best

What’s Good? Slipping on my much neglected Canucks Jersey, because HOCKEY’S BACK KIDS!

What’s Better? Wandering through the streets of Vancouver with it on, sharing the home-team cameraderie with my fellow fans. Knowing glances, smiles, and even the occasional high-five from complete strangers – it does a body good!

What’s Best? Talking to the strangers, being asked “So where are you going to watch the game?” and answring “GM Place,” then watching them slowly turn a lovely shade of green.

The game itself was fabulous – exciting hockey – and it didn’t hurt that the Canucks absolutely dominated the Coyotes for most of the game. It was fairly amusing that once the crowd got sick of giving Cujo the raspberry, they took to chanting “Greeeettttttttt-skyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

It’ll be interesting seeing how Phoenix progresses this season under the tutilege of “The Great One.” While Wayne has shown some success leading the Canadian National Team to victory, those are really the best of the best players our country has to offer. It’s a known fact in coaching that prodigies are usually the worst coaches, since they have a tough time relating to those who don’t have an innate ability. It’s hard to teach someone else how to do something that comes to you naturally. And NHL teams certainly have their fair share of those to whom finesse hockey does not come naturally.

Incidentally, I’ll be back at The Garage in a couple weeks’ time to watch the Canucks/Coyotes next matchup. I wonder what they’ll have learned in that time and if anything will change…

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One thought on “Good, Better, Best

  1. Mel

    Haha…I thought that’s what I heard. (The Gretzky bit, I mean.)

    At least you got to see the first six and a half minutes of the game 🙂

    (p.s. Typo: Phoenix 😉 )

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