Condensed Soup

The biggest problem with having a life is that while I’m out living it, I start writing all of these fabulous blog posts in my head about what or whom I’m seeing or doing – then someone shoves a 4th or 5th drink in my direction, and I end up getting drunk, taking blurry pictures of myself, and falling into bed only to do it all over again the next day or the day after that.

I’m thisclose to sucking it up, calling myself a writer, and using that as an excuse to drag around a small notebook and pen with me to jot down the great ideas and lines I come up with. I’ve only resisted thus far because I feel like if I start to indulge in the behaviour of writers, I’ll have to start actually behaving like one, which means actually writing. Which (if you hadn’t noticed) I’ve not been doing much of lately.

In fact, I’m even cringing about posting this entry, but I feel the need to post something so here it is.

Just do me a favour and send some creative juju my way. And if you comment and give me some ideas of things to write about and maybe tell me I look pretty today or something, that’d be swell!

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4 thoughts on “Condensed Soup

  1. -j.

    DEFINITELY carry around pen and paper. I commented to one of your previous posts about how many good ideas simply get lost in the ether…our faulty memories are a major cause of that. Just like many beautiful visuals are lost when we don’t have a camera…

    And I haven’t seen you today, but I reply in the confidence that you look as good as usual.

  2. April

    You should start carrying around a pen and paper. I do the exact same thing you do but I just have a bad memory so by the time I get around to sitting down at the computer, I forget what it was I wanted to say.

  3. Karin

    If you do wind up carrying pen and paper around, make sure your notes are long enough so you know what you’re talking about later…I did that once and had no idea what I meant that evening.

  4. cam

    one wonders how you manage to take blurry pictures with a completely automatic camera … šŸ™‚

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