Alphabet Soup

Hey Look! A meme! I’m this bored, and still have 2.5 days of time off ahead of me. I predict all sorts of no good going on.

A – Age you lost your virginity? – 16

B – Band listening to right now? – I usually listen to the local radio or shoutcast. But if I’m listening to someone on purpose, this week it’s been Stereophonics or The Weakerthans.

C – Dream car? – Subaru WRX

D – Dad’s name? – Norm

E – Easiest person to make me laugh? – My brother Eric

F – Food you miss most? – I don’t really miss food. If I crave something, I usually go out and get/make it. Though I could really go for some miso soup & salmon sashimi right now.

G – Any encounters with ghosts? – Not that I’m aware of.

H – Person most hated at the moment? – I don’t hate anyone. I can’t be bothered to put that much energy into someone I dislike. There was a co-worker at my last job who drove me up the wall, and I’m really quite glad I don’t have to work with her anymore.

I – Interesting unknown fact about yourself? – I don’t think there’s anything both interesting and unknown about me. How about the fact that I seem to have developed an aversion to the human touch? I am perhaps the least touchy-feely person I know – to the point that the last time I shared a bed with someone I couldn’t hack it and slept on the couch by myself.

J – The first letter of the last person who broke your heart? – B

K – Kissing with eyes opened or closed? – closed.

L – Last time you did LSD? – First & last time, at a rave in 1999.

M – Most memorable moment you can think of in a minute? – The day I realized I had fallen totally and completely out of love.

N – Nicknames? – Paco

O – What’s the most valued possession? – My heart.

P – Poison of choice? – Oban Scotch

Q – The last quote you heard: – Uh… Something from Buddah while Sue and I were having a drunken philosophical musing last night.

R – What are you allergic to? – Caterpillars

S – Song you sang last? – Dakota: Stereophonics

T – Time you woke up? – 9:30am

U – Fav. pair of underwear? – Black lace tangas

V – Vegetable you hate most? – Pickled red cabbage. My mom keeps insisting it’s good, but I think she’s lying!

W – What are you the most afraid of? – Failure

X – X-rated love life? – Not lately

Y – Year you were born? – 1980

Z – Zodiac sign? – Leo

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One thought on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Sue

    I was quoting Buddha? Whoooaaa. Or maybe it was someone more sober than me. Although I do seem to recall quoting something. Might have just been the blurb on the wine bottle though.

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