Don’t Mind Us

9 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Us”

  1. I bet that accurately portrays the club scene in a bunch of cities, not just Vancouver.

    Unrelated: I also wear sandals with socks occasionally, though never tuck my shirt in. Main reason – I put on socks when I get dressed, and I put on shoes when I decided to leave the house. No planning involved, and I don’t care if local rappers (or fashion snobs) find it annoying 😉

  2. while I’m by no means a fan of clubs, or anything resembling a “club scene” … am I the only one who thinks this song sounds like a couple judgemental pricks trying to be cool by dissing and/or threatening people who aren’t “just like them”?

    the last two paragraphs especially…

  3. Yeah, I agree with Donna. “I’ll kick your ass if you wear clothes that I don’t like.” Neat-o.

  4. I love that song, and i think the rappers are cool, cuz they are local and althought i like clubs i think they picked a funny thing to rap about, and they jsut stating there opinion adn if anyone has a problem with that then they dont have to lsiten to it.

  5. I listen to this song on repeat aswell for about an hour (everyday) until it’s totally ingrained in my head. The beat of this song gets me going, and this song puts me in a totally awesome mood. I just love this song.

  6. thanks for the lyrics I just looked on every lyric website i could think of for them…really good song

  7. werd, i’m from vancouver and when i first heard sweatshop union i knew i found my new favorite group. check out I’ve Been Down on the latest album United We Fall. It’s a pretty tight track. peace.

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