Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

6 thoughts on “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”

  1. God knows I’m far from confrontational (if anything, I tend to fall into the category of your most recent Standard), but don’t you also have an obligation to others when you post in your blog? What about the image you are projecting of *them*?

    It seems – again, from my limited exposure to you through blogs – like you and (removed) are friends (or at the very least, friendly acquaintances), and if you want to call her out on something, that is of course your right. And your point was well made, in a general sense. (Sue’s post also spoke more generally, if I remember correctly.) It just seems to me that identifying her by name and posting selected material from her blog isn’t especially sensitive.

    Money is a sensitive and frustrating subject for many of us. Lord knows I haven’t made the best decisions in the past either, and when I repeat my mistakes I expect my wife and my friends to call me on it. I just think doing so privately is the best way to go.

  2. “before writing a shitstorm like that”

    Nae lass, t’was but a mere squall, that one.

  3. I’d like to suggest that everyone involved in this “take it offline” for the sake of all our sanities.

  4. I don’t want to keep a record of every comment I make on someone elses site so that I don’t say something potentially contradictory on my own site — whether or not it’s actually contradictory behaviour or not. Sorry, I’m just not into that level of micromanagement of my “online persona”. So something makes me look like a jackass — big fucking deal.

    (quote taken from deleted comment)

    So I used another blogger to illustrate a couple points (outside of my original post):
    1. People do things online that make them look dumb, and sometimes get called on it. If you left it on the internet it’s a matter of public record, and can be used as such.
    2. If you don’t care what people think, then that’s fine. If you do care though, then put some effort into managing your appearance, wherever it may show up. I was reminded of the incident when Sue made her comment, and figured I’d post. Considering the quote above is how I figured (removed) would respond (without all the snarly stuff surrounding it) I mistakenly assumed it wouldn’t be near as big a deal as it’s become.

    But to say you don’t care, then get all huffy, but don’t want to change, that confuses me.

  5. as someone who offends on a regular basis (although not recently, funny that), here are my thoughts…

    I don’t really care what strangers think of me based on my blog. They don’t know me completely. But of course I care what my friends think…and I would hope that they would not take anything I wrote the wrong way.

    Whether or not it was prudent to write a specific person on your blog, especially knowing that the person will read it and probably recognize herself/himself, is another story. That’s when I like to generalize…to not completely offend someone.

    That being said, you can be as general as possible and perhaps not even be writing about a specific person, and you will likely offend at least one person (if not more).

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