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  1. I wish I could help you, peechie, but not even my doctor wants to see me for some reason. Maybe because I fell on him by accident when he told me to stand on one leg, so I did, and he got squashed! I think it’s time to lose weight!

    I hope you are having a nice weekend, and a Happy New Year, with lots of fun, and clean socks!

  2. I do. It’s called “getting up close and personal” with the office assistant. Say the key works, and baby you are so *in*.

    Don’t know the key words? Email me and I’ll absolutely fill you in. Potentially the end of all this riduculous behaviour.

    Now back to our regularily scheduled (monotonous I’m quite sure) broadcast.

  3. I *was* looking on the College’s site. The physicians who had indicated they were taking new patients were only taking pregnant ones. Why there isn’t an option to search by that, I don’t know.

  4. Go to the website…. College of BC Physicians….

    There is a list there of Docs who are looking for new patients. Don’t bother with random calling…. its too much work.

  5. My doctor is Chantal Haussman. She’s at 888 West 8th Avenue, which is close to my house so not the best for you. However, I believe she is accepting new patients. If they ask you if you’re pregnant you can try saying “I am considering it”… no point in saying that the plan involves the next 40 years or not at all.

    Just one thing about this doctor – she tends to be a bit prescription-happy.

  6. Jen: I have no idea — given that they’ve been open for a few years now, it’s unlikely, but well worth a try — 604-669-7772.

    My doctor specifically is Linda Davidson (she’s also the owner of the clinic, so I really doubt you’d be able to get in with her specifically, but there are lots of other doctors there as well) and I’ve had good experiences with other doctors there as well. I think Devon has, as well.

    It’s handy to have my clinic also be a walk in — I can go there for walk-in needs and they have a complete history for me, but if I really need to talk to my doctor specifically (like, with my drugs and such) I can — and she’s got all the records from my walk in stuff.

    When I on my anti-depressants, this became vitally important. I’m bad about leaving it until the last minute to get into the doctor. And since she’s stupidly popular, it can be a few days before I can get in. Sometimes I don’t have a few days. But the other doctors there, since they have my full history, could refill my prescription with a minimum of fuss. Try getting that at a regular walk-in!

  7. Thanks Colin. Unfortunately, UBC is about as far away from me as you can get (I live in NorthWest Burnaby). I also have enough of a health history that I need a doctor who will be my same doctor (how’s *that* for grammar) every time I go in – otherwise I would just keep going to random clinic doctors.

    Donna: is your doctor still accepting patients? I’m desperate enough to go out there if I have to.

  8. UBC Family Practice Clinic was accepting new patients last time I checked.

    Some people might hate it; I personally love it. You get tons of attention (something not to be had with too many doctors these days) although you might not be seeing the same doctor over and over again.

  9. I got lucky when I was looking for a new family doctor — a clinic/family doctor opened in the building I lived in. So I can go there without warning, since it’s also a walk in clinic, but my main doctor is there so I don’t get turned away for non-semi-emergency stuff. yay!

    and, she’s really cute, which makes pap smears *slightly* more enjoyable. Not much, since well, ugh. But better than my old ugly doctor with huge hands and cold instruments.

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