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  1. emo is short for emotionall punk. thursday, the get-up kids, dashboard confessional, they’re emo.i guess im emo. i guess

  2. It’s like country-western music for people who think they’re cool and punk-ish. Well not really, but my honest take on “emo” is that it’s nothing original, nothing new, just a name that makes a generation feel unique.

  3. No reason to feel lame – there’s nothing wrong with liking music. I listen to Bad Religion and NOFX but don’t consider myself “punk”, I listen to System of a Down but don’t consider myself “hardcore”, I listen to Sublime but don’t consider myself a “stoner” (though I do smoke a bunch o’ dank), and I listen to Bach but don’t consider myself a 17th century church go-er.

    Emo music I’m not so against (or any other music for that matter), but I DO hate the people who try to latch themselves onto a subculture.

  4. Aah. All I know is that the “cool kids” who wear faux vintage and wear their hair black with those short bangs and hang out on granville used to be referred to as the “indie” kids – and now they’re “emo” kids.

    And now I feel super lame, because if it does indeed come from “emotional punk” – uhm… I like that stuff. Bring on the “Konstantine.”

  5. I don’t think Emo isthe same as indie. Indie is just independent music, no? So anyone on labels outside the big 5 or whatever are indie, I guess. I’ve never bothered to label myself, so I can’t tell for sure.

    Emo is.. well, annoying, in my mind. Emo is a name for various genres of “emotional punk” – basically, softer punk where someone whines about how nobody likes them or their girlfriend cheated on them or something, instead of the usual punk staples like politics and beer. A good example would be the lead singer of Weezer – nerd glasses, dark hair, geeky t-shirt, seeming lack of self-confidence / shyness. A couple of good links:

    How to dress emo: http://www.dobi.nu/emo/
    The first google result for “emo”: http://www.fourfa.com/

    Personally, I find most people who claim to be emo to be annoying, for the same reason that I find most people who claim to be ANY label annoying (punk, hardcore, emo, indie, and so on).

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