One of those things…

4 thoughts on “One of those things…”

  1. Yeah, that’s kind of a pain; although, to be fair, it only seems to happen maybe once every 6-9 months and the Trillian people are pretty on the ball about releasing a patch quickly.

  2. the only thing i hate about trillian (after using it for a period) is the IM service providers always updating their codes in order to thwart the trillian users. I just find it too much of a pain in the arse.

  3. You might try using Trillian.

    I have friends who have either cryptic MSN ids or they change their display name to something lengthy/equally cryptic. Very annoying.

    In Trillian, you’re able to right click the person’s name and rename it to whatever you want (I usually just put it as the person’s actual name). Note that you lose out on some of the MSN functionality (webcam stuff, etc.), but I’ve been very happy with Trillian overall — make it very handy for me as I have friends on Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ *and* IRC. Much better than messing about with a bunch of different programs.

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