2 thoughts on “Coincidence…. ?”

  1. I think they’re the same people that yammer on at high volumes on their cell phones while riding public transit.


  2. Occasionally, I’ll have a conversation at work that involves a little drama. Of course, it’s usually someone ELSES drama…

    I figure it’s free entertainment. While I know my coworkers don’t really care if my ex’s roommate brought home a boy in the middle of the night, it’s fun for everyone to hear me calling him a judgemental prick. (er, while laughing — I don’t actually mean it.) 😉

    And the most frequently overheard thing when I’m on the phone with him is, “Are you sure you’re not gay?” See, fun for everyone…

    Well, probably not, but I do keep my voice down and limit personal calls, so anything overheard is just going to have to be overheard. 🙂

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